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QEH&S Operating Policy

Printable QEH&S Operating Policy

All Green Recycling, Inc. (AGR) is committed to responsible recycling of electronics utilizing a hierarchy of reuse, recycle, dispose strategies internally and through our downstream partners.  Our operations will be controlled in a documented and implemented environmental, health and safety management system.  AGR leadership will set goals for quality, environmental, and health & safety initiatives to ensure we continually improve our effectiveness. When non-conformances are identified, we will take corrective action to remedy and prevent their reoccurrence.  We will communicate information about our Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety standards with our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, and the public.


Compliance:  We are committed to being compliant with all data security, environmental and safety regulations relevant to our operations.  Furthermore, we follow industry best practices and abide by our own company commitments on quality, safety, and environmental protection. We are committed to incorporate the requirements of the R2 and RIOS Standards into our everyday culture. 


Environmental Impact:  We are committed to protect the environment through responsible handling of Focus Materials in electronics, both onsite and through our downstream partners. We promote positive environmental impacts to reuse equipment and proactively identify and manage potential negative impacts to prevent pollution.


Safety:  We are committed to the safety of our workers through identification of hazards and prevention of workplace injuries.  We are committed to documenting, implementing, and maintaining an EH&S management system to manage the environmental, health, and safety aspects or our company.


Quality:  We are committed to customer satisfaction.  We will identify and follow individual customer requirements.  We will ensure that our products meet our buyers’ specifications.  We will continue to strive to reduce non-conforming products and communicate acceptable equipment and materials to our customers.



Carol A. Jegou
Chairman and CEO


Revision Date: 02/27/2014